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Tuesday, December 14th 2010

4:46 PM


For some time I've realized that The Vintage Traveler needs a more flexible format with better access to the archives and more options for commenters.  When I started this blog in 2005, most blog hosts were pretty much the same, but over time some sites have grown and improved the options available to bloggers.  

I've resisted the urge to move purely because most of my new readers find The Vintage Traveler through search engines because of the 500 plus archived entries.  Starting over at another site would mean that I would need to bring over the content if I wanted to continue to have like-minded readers find me.  This was not a task I wanted to tackle, because while the larger sites are importable, Bravenet is not - at least not to a person of my limited computer skills.

About a year ago I actually began the process of moving to Blogger, but abandoned the idea when I found I was not crazy about some of its features.  But after experiencing several problems with this site over the past few weeks, I realized it was time to upgrade.

So as of today, I'll be posting at Wordpress.com : http://thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com/

I have many of my posts transferred, so please direct your comments there, rather than here.  I'll be leaving this site up for a while, but I'll eventually be deleting posts here as they are transferred to the new site.

To people on my blogroll, please change my link to the new address; I'm going to need a lot of help in getting my traffic transferred to the new site.

I really want to thank all of you who read The Vintage Traveler.  I can remember being excited about having 25 readers a day, and now I average around 1300 visitors a day.  So please drop by the new site to see what you think, and just to say hello!


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