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Thursday, September 24th 2009

5:13 PM


4 Additional Thoughts.

Posted by Karen/Small Earth Vintage:

Thank you for the update! I am fascinated by this.
Friday, September 25th 2009 @ 6:31 AM

Posted by Joules:

You unearth the most fascinating, and in this case, obscure, fashion history stories, Lizzie. This one is quite amazing! I want to find one too; a printed corduroy poncho, yeah!
Friday, September 25th 2009 @ 6:44 AM

Posted by james thegaptoothedidiot:

Hi lizzie,
I've just stumbled on your fascinating White Stag blog, parts 1,2 & 3! I recently found a cotton blouse which is printed in the "Figures" design featured in one of your White Stag advertisments you posted. I found it here in the UK, so it shows that the range had some international appeal. It would be fantastic to know where the Euginia Sheppard article was published, I'd love to get a copy of it. I would really appreciate it if either you or Amanda could post the details of which magazine or paper printed it and I'll try and track down a copy.
Many thanks & best wishes,
Saturday, June 26th 2010 @ 10:55 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

James, the article was from the NY Herald Tribune. She wrote a column called Inside Fashion. Amanda found it through an online database, but I'm not sure which one.

I would love to see photos! Please...
Friday, July 2nd 2010 @ 6:30 PM