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Saturday, March 28th 2009

5:28 PM


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Posted by Makeda Keaton:

Pedestal mini bathroom sinks are quite popular among contractors faced with remodeling a quite little bathroom. Pedestal mini bathroom sinks add the look of luxury yet are very affordable as well as available in a range of materials and colors, including ceramic, marble, granite, glass and stainless steel. Simply because the pedestal style of mini sink doesn't require a vanity, its space needs are minimal, making it the perfect sink selection for a modest bathroom storage.

Furnishings for that breakfast nook consists of a table and a few kind of seating arrangement. Most males and girls try to decide on a table that matches the shape of their breakfast nook. For example, a round table in an octagon shaped room or possibly a rectangular table in a very breakfast nook that is an extension with the rigid kitchens. Ought to you possess a bigger family and want extra seating, then breakfast nook benches are a far substantially far better choice than chairs. Nonetheless, your visitors could be much more comfy in a very chair of their personal rather than cozying as significantly as a stranger. Therefore, a combination of benches and chairs functions best within the kitchen.
Friday, December 17th 2010 @ 5:05 AM

Posted by Swedishdrama:

A few years ago there was an article by some hairdresser, I think in Vogue, where the guy wondered if it were possible to have great hair using "cheap" shampoo and products. So he went out and bought some L'Oreal shampoo, conditioner, etc -- can you believe it! OMG -- and it was, like, not too totally bad, although it did make him feel sort of grubby using such low end products. Wonder what he would think of the Suave I buy on sale for $.79?
Saturday, April 11th 2009 @ 6:54 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

Update: I visited the Coach store in charlotte, and they had just gotten the Cashin line in. The pink foldover is even cuter in person, and costs around $300.
Sunday, April 5th 2009 @ 1:03 PM