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Tuesday, December 7th 2010

12:44 PM

Touring the Virginia Vintage Trail

I just got back from my little trip to Charlottesville, Virginia, and I've got to say that the fortune cookie was right; I did have a pleasant and successful trip! The weather was beautiful, the shopping delightful, and the Federal Fashions program excellent. I hit every antique mall and Saturday flea market I could until I ran out of time on Saturday. Drat those 6 o'clock closing times!

Sunday, I took the Blue Ridge Parkway from Lexington to near Charlottesville. The leaves are just beginning to turn, and the mountain valleys were full of smoky mist. As the fog lifted, I could see the little farming communities, straight out of Walton's Mountain. No, really, because this is the part of Virginia where the TV show was set.

Before the program I had time to visit Jefferson's home, Monticello and the buildings he laid out as the University of Virginia. Interestingly, they have the room Edgar Allen Poe inhabited preserved as a little monument to him. There is even a stuffed raven in the room!

The Federal era fashions program was at Ashlawn-Highlands, the home of James Monroe, and only about 3 miles from Monticello. This home was more of a farm house, very nice, but certainly not in the same league as Monticello.

And Monday, on my return home, I stopped at all the places I didn't get to on Saturday. I found lots of things for my collections including a pair of 1920s gauntlets, a 1940s Mad Carpentier reproduction (or adaptation) dress, a scrapbook full of 1930s cards and 2 big boxes of sewing patterns. Oh, and a pair of 1940s women's work bib overalls.

I could show photos of all the historic places I visited, but I know my readers - you want to see the treasure! So here are photos of one of my favorite finds, a Touring game from 1926. You've got to love the graphics on the box and cards! Thank goodness I had none of the problems shown on the cards!

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