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Thursday, December 2nd 2010

4:51 PM

Elegance, After Ski Style

The weather here has turned cold and snowy, something that thrills the hearts of teachers and ski slope operators.  I've posted several times that I do not ski.  I have always thought, however, that I would be very good at apres-ski.  So I decided to check out THE guide to Elegance  published in 1964:

"After skiing, you can indulge in much greater originality and an orgy of daring color schemes.  Emilio Pucci is the undisputed leader of this fashion specialty, and the elegance of a ski resort can be measured according to the number of women who are dressed in his acid-colored tapered trousers and silk overblouses printed with giant patterns in harmonizing shades.

Only rather tall and very thin women can carry off this ensemble with real chic; for smaller women, a more becoming and more personal intrepretation of after-ski wear would be a gored felt skirt, a blouse or a plain cashmere sweater tucked inside it and worn with a snug belt to make the waistline seem tiny, and ballerina slippers - all of these items selected to form a refined and unusual color scheme."

I'm not tall, and very thin, but I can see myself (or at least the apres-ski self) sitting by the roaring fire in the lodge, sipping a steaming concoction from the bar, wearing my Emilio Pucci slacks and blouse.  Now to find the perfect Pucci apres-ski suit!

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